Wooo hoooo!  We're very excited to announce that our 1, 5, and 10 gallon moonshine still kits are ready to order!
How To Make A Moonshine Still Video:  Screen Shots
Our 100% copper moonshine still kits feature all materials and instructions needed for construction of a premium, all copper column still.  We decided to stick with the traditional column still design that we offer for our custom line.  This particular still offers excellent versatility and can be used as highly efficient pot still or can be modified to be used as a true reflux.  
All parts are CAD drawn, machine cut & drilled, and guaranteed to fit together perfectly.  All you need to do make some easy bends, hammer some rivets into place, and solder.  We've designed the kits so they can be assembled using only basic tools.  Tools needed to put the kits together include the following: a hammer, a plumbing torch or an electric soldering iron (both available at lowe's), pliers, steel wool or sandpaper, a work table, and a metal backstop (vice, anvil, steel dolly, or a second hammer).
Some soldering skills are recommended, but not absolutely necessary.  I had never really soldered anything together before making my first moonshine still and managed to figure it out by watching videos just like the how to make a moonshine still video series we offer access to with the kits.  The trick to laying a good bead of solder is 1) starting with a tight joint (which we'll ensure by providing precision cut parts) and 2) applying just the right amount of heat (which we'll describe in the video).  It also helps to make sure that the joints are scored with a wire brush or sand paper before flux is applied and the joint is soldered (we'll even pre-score most of the joints).