In case you missed it, the North Carolina ABC informed us (at our request) that producing and selling distillation equipment (even if it's just a kit) isn't possible in NC.  There is no permit in that state that allows us to produce and sell distillation equipment.  One can BUY distillation equipment in NC, and we can ship still kit to NC from another state, but our business cannot be located in NC due to century old prohibition era laws. We received permission to operate in TN directly from the state's ABC Executive Director.  

Tennessee was very accommodating and we worked with some great people in that state, but we've since moved again (to a more permanent home) and are currently headquartered in Fort Collins, CO. We manufacture all of our equipment and manage all of our operations from here.

We're fully stocked with 1, 5, and 10 gallon kits and we ship daily.