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October 14, 2013

Moonshine, Mason Jars, and Other Pretty Things...

Mason Jars Full of Moonshine

We've been meaning to add more pictures of moonshine stills and mason jars to the site for a while now. Why? Well, you know what they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." In the spirit of shortcuts we're going to upload a dozen or so pictures and save ourselves a lot of words. Enjoy!

A Quart Jar of Spring Moonshine Delight

Here's a quart jar full of moonshine framed by the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado:

quart jar of moonshine

Moonshine, An American Tradition

Moonshine is as old as America. It's as great too.

Moonshine. An American Tradition. 

Mason Jar Moonshine Post Card

We made this little postcard for the feds, thanking them for the opportunity to make some moonshine, in peace, during the 2013 government shutdown:

A mason jar full of moonshine framed by a beautiful sunset - 2013 government shutdown

A Corn Whiskey Sunset

Here's a picture of a mason jar framed a beautiful sunset on a farm near Lake Michigan:

A jar of corn whisky in front of a Michigan sunset.

White Lightning

Here's a great picture of some white lightning I had the privilege of sampling this summer. I think a light shone down from heaven that day:

A little jar of white lightning

A Modern Antique: Moonshine

Here's a little shameless self promotion for y'all. Though, when's the last time you saw an advertisement that featured such a sexy jar of moonshine?

A mason jar full of moonshine in front of some antique wood.

Ginger Moonshine Tincture

Here's a ginger tincture made with some high proof moonshine:

moonshine ginger tincture


Now this here is what you call firewater:

Firewater moonshine

Aged Moonshine

Here's a picture of some aged moonshine in front of a beautiful blue sky:

Aged moonshine 

Honey Moonshine

Hone moonshine is one of our favorites. Here's an image we did for an article on how to make it:

Honey Moonshine

Bacon Moonshine

One of our strangest stillhouse creations was a batch of bacon moonshine. It was gross and delicious all at the same time:

bacon moonshine

Holiday Moonshine

Here's a picture of some holiday cheer (in a jar!):

Holiday Cheer - Moonshine at Christmas

Antique Mason Jars

Antique moonshine jars, containing no liquid, but full of memories no doubt:

Antique moonshine mason jars

Moonshine Camping Trip

One thing we love as much as moonshine is the great outdoors. Here's a picture of both:

Moonshine jar on a camping trip

Mason Jar with Moonshine Still

This jar here is getting some action!:

Mason Jar with Moonshine Still

Mason Jar, Moonshine, and a Blue Sky

Here's a picture of moonshine in good ol' mason jar:

Mason Jar Moonshine

Taking a Drink of Shine

Camping + moonshine = win. I don't think anyone can argue with that:

moonshine drinking

Thanks for viewing. Make sure to check out our collection of premium copper moonshine stills before you go.

  • Hi there .
    Just like to say great service and awesome info. Cant wait to run my first batch throu my new 5 gallon still.. Pretty darn cool. Thanks.

    Posted by Kyle chapman. on March 23, 2014
  • Great Photos

    Posted by Woody on December 24, 2013
  • the pictures are awesome love the letter to the government

    Posted by t halat on October 15, 2013

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