Might Pint Assembly And Use

Before attempting to assemble your barrel, we strongly recommend that you watch the entire "Part 1 video" from start to finish!

Part 1: Preparation and Assembly

Part 1 Tips:

  • Sand the end cap edges before beginning assembly.
  • Line staves up on tape as straight as possible.
  • Align straight edges of barrel with slots in stave as closely as possible.
  • Assemble so hole in vent stave is on the opposite side of the barrel as the hole in fill cap
  • Attempt to push caps all the way into stave slots while "rolling" the barrel. It's OK if they don't go all the way in.
  • Lightly secure staves with clamps and tap remaining staves into place with a blunt object.
  • Install clamps about 1/2" away from outside edge of barrel.
  • Tap staves with screw driver in between rounds of tightening clamps
  • Only hand tighten clamps with screw driver. Do not use ratchet drive, mechanical impact driver, etc.

Part 2: Hydration

  • Video coming soon!
  • Note: Do NOT move on to hydration if there are any visible gaps in barrel staves. Fix the gaps (disassemble / reassamble barrel) before attempting to hydrate.
  • Additional note: Hydration may take as long as 48 hours, as the wood needs time to swell and seal!!!
  • Install cork in venting stave.
  • Place barrel in a bowl (large enough to hold a quart of liquid).
  • Pour boiling water into the hole in fill cap (water WILL leak out at first).
  • Allow barrel to sit for several hours and drain remaining water. Re-fill with boiling water.
  • Repeat process as many times as necessary to seal barrel.

Part 3: Aging Whiskey

  • Video coming soon!
  • Fill with white, unaged spirits.
  • Use something with some flavor (not vodka).
  • Place barrel on SIDE for aging.
  • Monitor aging process by tasting spirits every few days.
  • More is not always better! Remove spirits once optimal flavor has been achieved.
  • The first aging cycle will likely take no longer than 7-10 days.
  • Aging cycles take longer as barrels are used over and over again.