Kyle Brown

Hi, I'm Kyle Brown. I'm a coppersmith by day, and an old timey fiddler (think O Brother Where Art Thou) on the weekends...

My love for beer (Mmmmm... I love beer) led me to the wonderful hobby of home brewing.  My personal tendency to gravitate towards "bigger, better, and more challenging" led me to home distillation.  My picky, stubborn, and arrogant side decided that a copper still was the only acceptable vessel for my craft. Finally, the fact that I am one cheap bastard (not really, I spend money like its going out of style, I just don't have enough of it!) necessitated that I find an affordable still - or build my own.  

Unfortunately, while browsing the web in early 2009, I couldn't find any products that met my specifications for distillation equipment: high quality, all copper, and inexpensive. Thus, I created the Clawhammer Supply Company to fill a void; to provide the highest quality, most affordable, all copper moonshine stills in the small-scale distillation market.

I've spent the last five years perfecting the designs of Clawhammer's premium, 100% copper moonshine still kits.  I've also gathered an abundance of information about the craft of home distilling and have published most of it on our Stillhouse Rambler blog.  

I hope you enjoy the products and information in the store, blog, etc. I would also love to hear from you. Come on over to the Clawhammer Supply Facebook page and talk some whiskey with me! But make sure not to leave before taking a gander at our our collection of premium, all copper moonshine still kits.


Kyle Brown
Clawhammer Supply, LLC