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Home Distilling Legalization Update

April 4, 2016
The Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2015 An Interview with Rick Morris: Founder of the Hobby Distiller's Association We get a lot of emails from different folks asking the same question: Is it legal to make moonshine at home? The answer, unfortunately, is no. In the United States, under Federal Prohibition-era law,... Read more

Distilling With Local Ingredients

April 4, 2016
An Interview with The Seattle Distilling Company Not long ago, we got a chance to sit down with Tami Brockway Joyce, one of the co-owners of Seattle Distilling, a family-run craft distiller in Vashon, WA, a small island not far from Seattle. Seattle Distilling focuses almost exclusively on small-batch liquors made with carefully selected local... Read more

Clawhammer Supply Still Design

February 26, 2016
Clawhammer Supply Anatomy 101: Components of a Clawhammer Supply Copper Still Boiler: Holds the low alcohol wash, which is heated and distilled into high-proof alcohol. Vapor Cone: Directs the alcohol vapor into the column. Cap Skirt: Allows the column to slide into the vapor cone. The cap skirt is attached to the bottom of the column. The cap... Read more

How to Clean a Copper Proofing Parrot

February 26, 2016
Clean The Proofing Parrot After Each Use A copper proofing parrot is an extremely helpful tool that can be used when distilling alcohol. A parrot is simply a device that holds a proofing hydrometer, making it very easy to proof the product coming out of the still. If you are not familiar with this tool, check out our... Read more

How to Calibrate a Thermometer

February 22, 2016
Why Is It Important to Calibrate Brewing, Mashing, and Distilling Thermometers? A thermometer is one of the most important tools used in making alcohol. Thermometers are inexpensive and simple tools, yet people first getting into the hobby often overlook their importance. A properly calibrated thermometer is necessary to ensure the correct mash temperature, a safe... Read more

How to Clean Copper Packing Material

February 9, 2016
Clean and Dry Column Packing Material If you have not read “Increase Final Proof by Packing Still Column,” we recommend giving that a read. Packing a column with copper packing is an easy and cost-effective way to increase the final proof of "moonshine". This not only increases the proof of the final product but also removes... Read more

Lead Free Solder and Copper Distillation Equipment

January 22, 2016
Will the Lead Free Solder on a Copper Still Melt When Heated with a Propane Burner? We get a few emails each week asking this same question. The short answer is no. Heating a still on a propane burner, fire, or an electric hot plate will not melt the solder on a still. The long answer is that... Read more

How to Make Potato Vodka

January 7, 2016
At Clawhammer, we pride ourselves on actually trying every recipe we list on our site before it's published. We do that for a couple of reasons. First of all, we want to make sure the recipe actually works. Second, we're always looking for an excuse to screw around in the still house. With that said, we... Read more

How to Build a Copper Still

December 18, 2015
This article describes the process of building an all-purpose copper still. If you have some fabrication experience, you can make your own parts use the following instructions as a guide for assembly.  If you aren’t an experienced fabricator or don’t have the mathematical skills needed to design and make still parts from scratch, don’t worry,... Read more

How to Make Atomic Cherries

December 17, 2015
Atomic Cherries are some of the most fun party favors around. This particular recipe is great to bust out at parties because we use some apple spice to jazz it up a bit. It'll be a great ice-breaker for any gathering. Don't be shy with the proportions. We're just making a small batch here, but recommend making... Read more