Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

Apple Pie Moonshine Ingredients

To make a killer batch of apple pie moonshine you're going to need more than just cinnamon. We think it's best when it also includes allspice, cloves, orange peel, ginger, vanilla bean, and even a bit of black and pink peppercorn to give it some spice. Simply put, adding some cinnamon and apple juice to a batch of white whiskey will make a good batch of apple pie shine, but it won't make a great batch

Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Mix

Here at Clawhammer, we take pride in knowing our way around whiskey. Apple pie shine is one of our favorites and we've made many a batch. In fact, when we were in the process of developing our Apple Pie Moonshine Spice Mix, we tried dozens of variations on this American classic. We drank ourselves silly testing the stuff out, then enlisted the help of friends and family. They happily guzzled down jar after jar to aid in our pursuit of excellence. After months of testing, we finally made "the perfect batch." 

How to Make "The Perfect Batch"

To make a batch of apple pie moonshine with our spice mix, simply combine the tin of spices with 4 cans of apple juice concentrate and 6 cups of 80 proof white whiskey. Leave it sit for 24-48 hours then strain. Store in quart jars and refrigerate until you're ready to drink it. That's it!

To get yourself a tin or two, click on the link below:

Apple Pie Moonshine