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Copper Stills

Copper Stills Description

100% food grade copper stills for sale. These stills are designed to distill water, essential oils, and more.

These stills come as a kit and are made using food grade, 16 oz., C-110 copper, which is the only type of copper that should be used to make a distiller. The parts are precision designed and machine cut for a perfect fit, every time. These copper stills are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning home distillers seeking authentic copper equipment to produce the finest distilled products.

We offer three sizes to choose from. Our 1 gallon copper still is a small still capable of distilling micro-batches. Our 5 gallon copper still is designed for medium batches. And our 10 gallon copper still can be used for distilling large batches of distilled compounds. Each still was carefully designed to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and produce high-quality distilled products every time.

Copper has been used for centuries to make stills. It's durable, easy to work with, and an excellent conductor of heat. Copper also naturally removes sulfur compounds from distillate, which makes it the perfect material to used for distilling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a copper moonshine still?

Yes, copper stills such as these are often referred to as moonshine stills.

What can be made with a copper still?

These stills are best suited to distill water and essential oils.

Can a copper still be used to make fuel alcohol?

Yes, copper stills can be used to make fuel alcohol. However, distilling fuel alcohol requires federal and sometimes state permits. Additionally, the stills must be tightly sealed and / or used outdoors, in addition to other safety precautions.

Can a copper still be used to make moonshine at home?

It is possible to make moonshine at home. However, it is not legal to make moonshine at home. Making distilled spirits requires a DSP from the Federal TTB, as well as state and local permits. Additionally, the stills must be tightly sealed and / or used outdoors, in addition to other safety precautions, which is generally inspected during the permitting process. Clawhammer Supply, LLC does not advocate or condone the violation of any State or Federal law, regulation or statute.

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