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How to Make Pumpkin Spice Vodka | Fall Flavored Cocktail

October 20, 2021
Have you ever wanted to add a little kick to a pumpkin spice latte? Here’s how to turn everyone’s favorite fall beverage into a fall cocktail. This recipe is extremely easy (only 4 ingredients!) and can be made in less than 5 minutes. Full Recipe Video Equipment Needed A Blender Ingredients Large pumpkin spice latte... Read more

How to Make the Best Hard Seltzer - EASY & FAST Recipe

October 13, 2021
Hard Seltzer is essentially fermented sugar water. You can easily make high quality seltzer at home by following this simple recipe. Boil sugar in water Add yeast with nutrients Ferment Flavor & Carbonate Read on for more info Full Recipe Video This recipe is tailored for our 10 gallon 120 volt brewing system. Watch us use it... Read more

Rye Amber Ale - Homebrew Recipe

September 19, 2021
Five years ago, this was the first recipe we ever brewed on our channel. Kyle filmed it in his basement with Emmet and Rachel. Today - to celebrate reaching 100k subscribers - we're doing it again! It's a deliciously bitter, grain-forward beer with a deep copper color. Brewing this recipe again represents how far we've come... Read more

American Wheat Lager - Homebrew Recipe

September 4, 2021
Our friend Sarah Flora of Flora Brewing joined us to make an American Wheat Lager. This is a recipe for a light, refreshing, citrus & fruit-flavored beer. Unlike a German Wheat Beer, an American Wheat Beer uses a clean ale or lager yeast that doesn’t give any banana or clove flavors in the final product.... Read more

How to Assemble an Essential Oil Distiller | Clawhammer Supply Assembly Guide

August 18, 2021
Essential oils are commonly known for their wide variety of uses, from aromatherapy to cooking additives. Purchasing essential oils can be expensive, however making them at home with our essential oil distiller is much cheaper. Follow the six steps below to learn how to assemble our essential oil distiller kit.    Assembly Video  *Depending on what accessories... Read more

How to Grow Hops for Homebrewing!

July 30, 2021
If you're into gardening & homebrewing, growing hops at home is the perfect project for you! Here are 7 simple steps to growing your own hops at home. Our friend Ross grew hops at home, watch this video for a visual guide of the article below!   Instructional Video Materials Needed  Hop rhizome or hop plant Perforated... Read more

How to Brew a Fruity New Zealand Pilsner

June 18, 2021
About 2 years ago, Martin Keen decided to take “The Homebrew Challenge” and brew 99 beers in 99 weeks. This recipe for a New Zealand Pilsner is his 99th beer, the last one! We thought this was such a cool project, that we decided to invite Martin over to our office for a celebratory brew... Read more

How To Make Italian Soda

June 4, 2021
Here at Clawhammer Supply, nothing goes to waste! We had some leftover strawberry syrup from our Strawberry Lemon Saison brew day & we decided to make some Italian Sodas. This non-alcoholic beverage is fun for the whole family and a perfect way to cool off on a hot summer’s day!    Full Recipe Video    Ingredients... Read more

Strawberry Lemon Saison Homebrew Recipe

May 28, 2021
We recently put out a post on YouTube asking people for their favorite springtime beer recipes and Saison was definitely a popular response. To spice things up, we decided to incorporate a classic flavor combo - Strawberries & Lemons. Follow along with the recipe below in order to make a seasonal beer with seasonal ingredients!... Read more

India Pale Lager Homebrew Recipe

May 9, 2021
Love a crisp lager? Love a hoppy IPA? Kyle and Ross combine both beer styles to brew up a deliciously refreshing India Pale Lager (or IPL). This essentially means that the beer is brewed like a traditional IPA, but fermented like a lager - which can get a little tricky (but is well worth it).... Read more

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