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Brewing Beer: Porter Recipe

April 14, 2017
Here's the latest homebrew beer to roll off the production line at Clawhammer Supply: a "Porterhouse" Porter. Why'd we call it that? Well, we thought it'd go well with a porterhouse steak  Aside from sourcing the grains, this beer was super easy to make. There is only 1 hop addition at the beginning of the... Read more

Brewing Beer: Easy American Style Ale

April 4, 2017
We're brewing more beer this week and have decided to make an American Style Ale. We're calling it a "lawnmower beer," which means it's the kind of beer you drink while mowing your lawn. When it's hot and sunny and you're working, heavy, high alcohol beers tend to be a bit much. This beer is... Read more

Brewing Beer: Rye Pale Recipe

March 27, 2017
We're trying something new at Clawhammer. We're going to start brewing beer and documenting it, like we've done with distilling. We've always been homebrewers and are excited to share our passion for it with you. If you've never tried it, maybe these articles and videos will inspire you. First up is a Rye Pale. This... Read more

How to Clean and Sanitize Brewing and Distilling Equipment

March 13, 2017
Properly Cleaning and sanitizing your equipment may be the most overlooked aspect of making great beer (and high proof alcohol) – especially among rookie homebrewers. If you don’t take extra time and care to kill all the unwanted bacteria and wild yeasts that are trying dine out on any leftovers clinging to your equipment, you’ll wind... Read more

The Critical Importance Of Keeping Your Brewing Equipment Clean

March 2, 2017
While most new homebrewers and distillers get excited about putting their equipment and recipes to the test right away, they also tend to overlook one of the most important parts of the brewing process: cleaning and sanitizing. Please realize that we’re not here to play the role of your mom (or significant other) telling you... Read more

How Craft Brewing Went Mainstream

February 27, 2017
There are now a record number of breweries in the U.S. – and the total continues to grow. If you're more of a whiskey fan, you' might be interested to hear that the craft whiskey market has seen similar growth. One could argue that the craft beer boom that has raced across the country can be... Read more

Is Homebrewing Legal?

February 24, 2017
The ancient art of homebrewing and the law have had an interesting relationship over the years, especially here in the U.S. While homebrewing is legal in all 50 states today, that wasn’t always the case. Yet, as with most things in life, nothing is ever simple and easy – which means that there are some... Read more

Homebrewing: A Brief History

February 20, 2017
Politics aside, homebrewing in the U.S. might not exist today if it wasn’t for Jimmy Carter. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first beer ever brewed was likely an accident. And it happened perhaps as long as twelve thousand years ago. How lucky are we for that! Think about it: beer is really just... Read more

How to Make Bourbon with Silent Brigade Distillery

November 1, 2016
An Interview with John Brown We are so excited to share our most recent chat with you. This time, we got to talk with John Brown of Silent Brigade Distillery, a relative newcomer to the distilling game. Silent Brigade opened this past April in Paducah, Kentucky, a city with a rich history in distilling -- at... Read more

How to Make Rum - with Stillwagon Distillery

September 8, 2016
Making Rum: An Interview with Rick Stillwagon We recently had a chance to talk with Rick Stillwagon, owner of Stillwagon Distilleries in Charleston, Oregon. Rick is a scientist-turned-distiller, who came to love the craft of making spirits through, of all things, his love of  Koi. Rick is a student of aquaculture and loves Koi fish. He... Read more