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May 12, 2023
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How Many Ounces in a Shot? A Complete Guide

In the United States, a standard shot contains 1.5 fluid ounces of alcohol. This measurement is crucial for mixing cocktails, measuring spirits like moonshine, and keeping track of alcohol consumption. However, it's important to note that shot sizes can vary depending on the country and even the type of shot glass. 
shot glasses with lemon and peppermint

Shot Glass Sizes: A Quick Overview

Shot glasses come in a range of sizes, from small 1-ounce glasses to larger 2-ounce, 3-ounce (double shot), and beyond. While some shot glasses can hold up to 8 ounces, these novelty items should not be used to consume alcohol in such large quantities.

The standard measurement for a shot is 1.5 ounces, so regardless of the size of the shot glass, a 1.5-ounce pour can be used to create a standard shot.

Understanding Variations in Shot Glasses

Shot glasses can be found in a variety of designs, materials, and sizes. Here's some common types of shot glasses:

  • Tall shot glasses: These are taller than regular shot glasses and usually hold between 2 and 2.5 ounces of liquid.
  • Fluted shot glasses: These have a flared rim, making them easy to drink from. They also make your drink look a little fancier.
  • Themed shot glasses: These glasses come in all shapes and sizes, often featuring logos, images, or text related to a specific theme, event, or location.

Regardless of the shot glass' design, make sure to pour the correct amount of alcohol when measuring shots.

Measuring Your Shots: The Jigger

To measure your shots accurately, you need a jigger. This hourglass-shaped device is used by bartenders (both professional and amateur) to ensure precision when pouring alcohol into cocktails. A standard jigger has certain markings that measure the exact amount needed for each drink.

Some popular jigger brands include:

  • Barfly Japanese-Style Jigger
  • Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Jigger
  • MATCH Italian Pewter Jigger
  • OXO SteeL Double Jigger

Investing in a high-quality jigger lets you consistently create delicious cocktails and make sure you're drinking responsibly.

Popular Shot Recipes

If you're looking to expand your shot repertoire beyond basic whiskey or vodka, consider trying these popular shot recipes. Remember always to drink responsibly and be aware of the alcohol content of each shot.

  • Chuck Norris: A spicy combination of cherry liqueur, cinnamon schnapps, and Tabasco sauce
  • Lemon Drop: A refreshing mix of vodka, lemon juice, and sugar
  • Moonshine Pickleback: A crazy delicious drink made with moonshine, pickle juice, and hot sauce.
  • B-52: A visually impressive layered shot with Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream, and Grand Marnier
  • Washington Apple: A fruity blend of Crown Royal Whiskey, apple schnapps, and cranberry juice
  • Purple Gatorade: A sweet mix of vodka, Chambord, and lemon-lime soda
  • Grim Reaper: A potent combination of Jägermeister, Kahlúa, and Bacardi 151

International Shot Sizes: A Global Perspective

Shot sizes can vary dramatically from country to country. Here's a list of shot sizes in ounces (oz) and milliliters (ml) for several nations:

  • United States: 1.48 oz (43.77 ml)
  • Canada: 1.44 oz (42.58 ml)
  • United Kingdom: 0.84 oz (24.84 ml)
  • Australia: 1.01 oz (29.87 ml)
  • Germany: 0.67 oz (19.81 ml)
  • Denmark: 0.67 oz (19.81 ml)
  • Japan: 2.02 oz (59.74 ml)
  • Russia: 1.69 oz (49.98 ml)
  • Italy: 2.02 oz (59.74 ml)
  • Greece: 1.52 oz (44.95 ml)

It's important to be aware of these differences, especially when traveling or ordering drinks in a foreign country.

Shot Size Conversions

To better understand the relationship between ounces and milliliters, here are some shot size conversions:

  • 1 shot: 44.36 ml
  • 2 shots: 88.72 ml
  • 3 shots: 133.08 ml
  • 4 shots: 177.44 ml

Measuring Cocktails with Shot Glasses

Using shot glasses is a convenient and straightforward way to measure your cocktails at home. With a standard 1.5-ounce shot glass, you can easily approximate the correct amounts of alcohol and mixers needed for your drink. For more accurate measurements, look for a graduated shot glass with markings similar to a traditional measuring cup.

Double Shots and Other Shot Sizes

A double shot typically contains 3 ounces of alcohol in the United States. However, some places may only pour 2 ounces for a double shot. Be aware of your alcohol consumption and adjust your drinking accordingly.

Pony shots are smaller, containing just 1 ounce of alcohol. In contrast, shooters are larger versions of shot glasses and can hold greater amounts of liquid.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the specific shot glass or measurement, a standard shot in the United States contains 1.5 ounces of alcohol. By understanding shot sizes, using proper measuring tools like a jigger, and experimenting with different recipes, you're sure to have a fun and responsible night of drinking. 

Always remember to drink responsibly and know your limits. Cheers!

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