Kyle Brown

Hi, I'm Kyle Brown. I'm a coppersmith by day, and an old timey fiddler (think O Brother Where Art Thou) on the weekends...

While browsing the web in early 2009, I couldn't find any products that met my specifications for distillation equipment: high quality, 100% copper, and inexpensive. Thus, I created the Clawhammer Supply Company to fill a void; to provide the highest quality, most affordable, copper and stainless steel distillers. I've spent the last eight years perfecting the designs of Clawhammer's premium stills and am proud to present the selection to you. Additionally, I've been hard at work helping Emmet (below) perfect the design of our new brewing systems and am equally proud of that selection of products.

Hi, I'm Emmet. I've been with Clawhammer Supply since Spring of 2013. I'm extremely interested in the process of distillation and love researching the many uses for our equipment, applying this info to product development, and presenting the info on our blog.

I'm the Chief Operating Officer at Clawhammer. I manage our inventory, update our website with new information, oversee all of our third party product listings (Amazon, etc.), coordinate the efforts of our affiliate team members, and I also answer all of the phone call and emails. If you happen to call us or drop a line VIA email, I'm the one who will respond to you.

I love managing the details of our business and helping all the good people who come to us looking for reasonably priced, high quality copper distilling and brewing parts! 

Hi, I'm Derek. I've been with Clawhammer since the summer of 2012. I spend my time building and tinkering with electronics (like quad copters) and designing and playing my own computer games. I'm also interested in photography and videography. 

I manage Clawhammer's warehouse and oversee everything from production to shipping & receiving. If you ordered a product from Clawhammer, it wouldn't have made its way to you without me. I coordinated its delivery from our manufacturers, stocked it, then packed it, put a label on it, and made sure it made its way out the door. I love managing details and improving processes. When it comes to making and shipping products, I make sure the right items go to the right places and that it happens as efficiently as possible. 

Hi, I'm Chad. I've been with Clawhammer since Fall of 2013. I'm an outdoorsy kind of guy. I hike, climb, and camp all summer long.

By day I'm a carpenter, but I'm also partial owner of 2 businesses. One of them is called "My Handle Bar," which is actually a pedal powered bar on wheels! When i'm not busy building things, or recreating, I work part-time in the Clawhammer Supply warehouse, where I help manufacture and pack still kits.

Hi, I'm Michaela. I'm a student at CSU. I study communications and interior design, but moonlight as a part-time employee in the Clawhammer Kitchen. I manage the inventory and packaging of all of our delicious spice kits, including Apple Pie Moonshine, Firebomb Cinnamon Spice, and the brand new Peach Moonshine Spice Mix. I hope you enjoy our drink mixes as much as I do!

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a storyteller by trade, but on weekends you can find me wandering through the woods with my dog, rock climbing with my friends or listening to bluegrass music with a good drink. I handle marketing for Clawhammer Supply, which to me means I help tell the stories of our business. The history of moonshine and high-quality distilling lives today in old-time legends, and I like to think of my role here as helping continue that tradition. I love talking with our customers and other distillers, learning about their passions and styles and turning those into stories for our web site. If you have a good ‘shine story, I’d love to hear it!