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Kyle Brown

Humble Beginnings

Clawhammer Supply was founded in a dingy basement by Kyle Brown in 2009. In the past several years we've grown exponentially and are currently one of top small-scale distillation equipment outlets on the web. Undoubtedly, our unique product lineup, commitment to customer service, and knowledgeable staff have all contributed to our success.

Unique Offerings

Clawhammer is the only company that offers 100% copper distillation equipment in a DIY kit format. We're also manufacture and sell the only DIY apple pie moonshine spice kit available on the web. Additionally, our blog, The Stillhouse Rambler, is widely regarded as one of the best sources for information on the topic of small-scale distilling.

Hi-Res Pictures

For high resolution pictures, download these zip files of our 1 gallon, 5 gallon, and 10 gallon still kits. Also, check out these pictures of all of the stills next to one another. Finally, here is a sweet collection of mason jars.

Recent Media Attention


The Rise of Home Distilling

Home distilling is the final frontier in the universe of homemade alcohol; the practice is seeing its greatest revival since the days of prohibition. According to Google trends, searches for phrases like "how to make whiskey" and "how to make moonshine" have increased significantly in the last several years. Additionally, there has been a dramatic increase (in just the past 5 years) in the number of equipment suppliers and amount of information available on the topic of distillation. The increased interest, combined with the increased availability of high quality equipment and the explosion of "how to" information on the web, has allowed individuals to act upon their inclination to pursue the hobby. The practice of home distillation is currently growing by leaps and bounds.

Information on Home Distilling

If you would like to write an article on the topic of distilling, please feel free to reference the following information. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We're experienced distillers and would be happy to help you with an article in any way we can.


Watermelon Brandy

Corn Whiskey Moonshine

Strawberry Brandy (posted on our sister site)

The process of Distillation

Distilling 101: An Overview

Distillation Temperatures


How to Age Whiskey


Federal Distillation Laws


Still Construction Timelapse