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Once built, boiler holds 4.9 gallons of liquid.
3.5' tall with a 9" base.
100% C-110 Food Grade Copper
Gauge - 16 oz. copper.
Build Time
Approx 6-8 hours.

Copper Moonshine Still

A "moonshine still" is a device used for distilling liquids, typically made of copper or stainless steel, that separates and concentrates various chemical compounds through the process of distillation. These types of stills are used for home distilling as well as for commercial applications.

What's Included - Copper Still Parts

Our copper still kit features 100% food grade c-110 copper. The parts are computer designed, machine cut, and include the following:

  • Still bottom
  • Still boiler
  • Copper vapor cone,
  • Vapor cone collar,
  • Heavy duty plate lid,
  • lid skirt
  • 1.5" copper column
  • Copper condenser
  • All required column and condenser fittings
  • Pure copper rivets

How to Make a Moonshine Still

Our copper still kit is easy enough to put together that it doesn't require a copper-smith to build. With step-by-step instructions on how to make a moonshine still, you'll be up and running in no time. You can even watch the entire how to build a moonshine still video series for free before you buy.

Materials and Tools Required to Build

In order to make the still using our copper moonshine still parts, you'll need access to the following tools:

    Note, distilling alcohol without federal and state permits or licensing is illegal. It is the customer's responsibility to research their local, state, and federal laws and abide by those laws. Clawhammer Supply is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by either misuse or unlawful use. Read our complete terms of service before buying. We do not ship this product to North Carolina.


    How Does a Still work?

    Liquid is added to the still boiler and heated. Vapor travels up through the column and then down through the still output tubing. The output is surrounded by a cold water "jacket," called a condenser, that cools the exit tubing. When vapor reaches this area and makes contact with the tubing it condenses back into liquid and drips out of the still.

    What Can A Copper Still Make?

    Copper stills are very versatile and can be used to distill a variety of products:

    • Distilled water

      The most common use for a copper still is producing distilled water. Having a small distiller on hand means that fresh, clean, potable water will always be available.

    • Essential oils

      Many people use these types of distillers to produce essential oils and hydrosol as well. Simply add plant material to the still along with liquid and heat.

    • Fuel alcohol

      With a fuel alcohol permit copper moonshine stills are actually able to produce high proof fuel alcohol for farm equipment and even automobiles.

    • Distilled Spirits

      With federal, state, and local commercial distillers permit a moonshine still can legally be used to make spirits such as whiskey (including bourbon, rye, and Scotch), vodka, rum, tequila, gin, brandy, liqueur, mezcal, absinthe, moonshine and more.

    Is this a pot still or a column still?

    Our 5 gallon copper still is a hybrid still than can be ran either as a pot still or as a column still. Running the still with nothing in the column will make it behave exactly as a pot still. Filling the column with copper mesh packing will create a natural reflux, allowing it to operate like a column still.

    Why is there no "thumper?"

    A thumper is a secondary chamber placed between the still boiler and the condenser. Liquid re-boils in the thumper, increasing the purity of the final product. Thumpers are outdated and much less efficient than running our still in the column still configuration, as described above.

    Why is there no worm condenser?

    A worm condenser is the term used to describe a copper coil which is placed in a container of cold water and serves as the condenser of a still. Worm condensers are also outdated and have been replaced with in-line liebig condensers, which is what our still uses.

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    Praise from our customers

    It shipped the same day I ordered it and was at my door 3 days later. The parts went together like a dream. Everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. The video instructions made this build very easy.

    Jimmy F.
    Lakeland, Florida