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How to Make Moonshine

November 16, 2018
A lot of people ask us how to make moonshine. Distilling shine isn't rocket science, but it isn't something everybody knows how to do either. Here's our favorite corn whiskey moonshine recipe, plus a few bonus recipes. As always, this is for educational purposes only. Corn Whiskey Moonshine Mash Boosted "Thin Mash" Moonshine Sugar Shine Distilling... Read more

How to Brew Hemp, CBD Beer

November 2, 2018
This is our crack at a dank tasting, hemp and CBD infused beer. We also added some blueberries, because it sounded good. We're calling it Blueberry Kush. This beer didn't turn out exactly how we had hoped but it is absolutely stellar. It's a light lager with a hint of blueberry and a lot of... Read more

How to Brew Gose Beer w/ Pepper, Lime and Melon

October 4, 2018
We've got a weird beer for you here, but if you're into sour beers this one will not disappoint. It's a melon Gose. If you're not familiar with the style, you should know that, Gose (prodounced go-zah) is a sour beer brewed with salt and coriander additions, which originated in Germany. Our goal was to... Read more

Brewing Lager Beer

September 6, 2018
If you’ve mastered brewing ales, it's time to take things to the next level with a lager. These beers require a few additional steps during the mash and fermentation processes - impeccable cleaning and sanitation, precise temperature control, and a lot more patience to name a few. If you’re game for the challenge of making a... Read more

How To Grow Hops

September 6, 2018
Hops have been cultivated for thousands of years. Many of the hops available to homebrewers come from family farms that span many generations. When harvest time came, all hands were required to pick the fragrant and valuable cone-like flowers that play such a crucial role in making beer. If you live in the right climate,... Read more

Adjusting Brewing Water Chemistry in 3 Steps

September 4, 2018
Commercial breweries serious about making world class beer take great care to seek out quality water sources when locating their facilities. They generally look for naturally clean, relatively neutral, great tasting water, as well as municipalities that care for their water sources. And, of course, they filter and adjust the chemistry of their water to... Read more

Candy Orange IPA - Hazy Session

August 31, 2018
We're back with another great session IPA recipe. This one is made with citra and lemon drop hops, as well as orange simple syrup and candied orange peel - all made from scratch. If you're into hazy session IPAs, we highly recommend this recipe. It's a very balanced beer with just the right amount of... Read more

Single Hop (Mosaic) Double IPA Homebrew Recipe

August 15, 2018
How big can you go with a single kettle, "brew in a bag" (BIAB) system? That's what we aimed to find out by brewing this beer. It's a double IPA that calls for a whopping 20 pounds of grain. The brewing process is a bit different for these types of beers, so if you're using... Read more

How to Brew Beer: Electric BIAB

August 10, 2018
Here's a guide to brewing beer using single kettle, "brew in a bag" systems, otherwise known as BIAB. This type of brewing is largely the same as traditional 3 kettle system brewing. The primary difference is that the mash takes place as a single infusion and there is no sparge. We're using Clawhammer's 10.5 gallon... Read more

Direct Hopping Beer

August 6, 2018
One thing we've learned about brewing is that beer doesn't last forever. All kinds of things can go wrong that lead to the taste of home brewed beer degrading over time. One natural cause of flavor degradation is the natural breakdown of hop compounds. Even under ideal storage circumstances, hoppy beers tend to fade -... Read more