A few years ago (in early 2011), the North Carolina Alcohol Control Board informed us that we were not allowed to manufacture moonshine still kits in the State of North Carolina.  The kits can be purchased by and shipped to residents of North Carolina, but they can't be made in North Carolina due to a technicality in the way our laws are written!
Apparently prohibition era laws established, literally, in the 1930's, prohibit the manufacture of stills and even distillation equipment in NC.  The NC ABC interprets this to include still kits.  Amazingly, no such permit exists that allows a manufacturer to legally produce and sell distillation equipment (for distilled spirit or fuel production) in NC.  Our only option was to pick up and move. Thus, we abruptly and unexpectedly moved all manufacturing to Tennessee!
Alcohol control laws in Tennessee aren't quite so oppressive and TN's Alcohol Control Executive Director personally gave us permission to manufacture kits in that state.  We set up our business in TN, bought materials in TN, paid a manufacturer in TN, paid for all of our shipping in TN, and paid taxes on all of Tennessee.  Ironically, the "revenuers" (in North Carolina at least) actually turned down our tax money in this instance.
We loved working in Tennessee but have since moved to a more permanent home and now reside in Lyons, Colorado. We love it here. It ain't the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it IS the Rockies, which isn't a bad trade.