Colorado Distilling Laws

Colorado Distilling LawsHere is summary of Colorado's laws regarding home distillation of moonshine whiskey, fuel alcohol, essential oils, and water.

Owning a still

The State of Colorado does not prohibit ownership of a still.

Distilling Water and Essential Oils

Yes, it is legal to distill water. It is also legal to distill essential oils without the use of alcohol as a solvent.

Distilling Alcohol for Fuel

It is not legal to distill alcohol for fuel and no fuel alcohol permit exists.

Distilling for Personal Consumption

It is not legal to distill alcohol for personal consumption, though fines are minimal (see below).

Fines and Penalties for Distilling Alcohol in the State of Colorado

The good news is that distilling alcohol for personal consumption in the State of Colorado is neither a felony or a misdemeanor. The act actually falls in a category called "Petty Offenses." Specifically, moonshining in Colorado is a Class 2 Petty Offense and it shares this category with violations such as littering, leaving a campfire unattended, water skiing without a life jacket, and riding a bus without paying a fee. If one is caught making moonshine in Colorado, they are subject to a $250 fine. Freedom ain't free folks...freedom ain't free.

Governing Legal Documents

Colorado Revised Statutes - Title 12 - Article 46

Colorado Revised Statutes - Title 12 - Article 47 

Crime Classifications Guide

American Home Distillers Association