This video series runs through the process of assembling our1, 5 and 10 gallon copper parts kits, start to finish. Note, Clawhammer Supply does not sell completed stills. Buyer must provide some parts and materials. See our individual products pages for more details.

Clawhammer Supply kits are designed to be easily assembled by someone with any level experience with sheet metal fabrication and soldering. The parts are pre-cut and should fit together perfectly. Soldering may be a bit tricky at first, but we show plenty of examples and give quite a few pointers so even someone with no prior experience can figure it out. We provide our videos for free because we want you to know exactly what you're getting yourself into before you purchase a kit from us. Have a question about the kits or the assembly the assembly process? Feel free to contact us.

Have a question about the kits or the assembly the assembly process?  Feel free to contact us.

Part 1 - Safety

This video covers safety and lists the tools you will need to complete the project.



Part 2 - Boiler Shaping

This video covers bending tabs on the boiler, shaping it, and securing it in order to rivet the boiler together.



Part 3 - Boiler Riveting and Soldering

This video covers riveting the boiler, soldering the boiler wall seam, and soldering the bottom into the boiler.



Part 4 - Vapor Cone

This video covers riveting and soldering the vapor cone and attaching it to the boiler.



Part 5 - Collar, Cap Skirt, and Cap Plate

This video covers assembling the collar and soldering it to the vapor cone. It also covers assembling the cap skirt and soldering it to the cap plate. Note, if you have a 1 gallon kit, the process will be slightly different. See this guide for a few additional steps:  Come back to this page and continue with the videos to finish the 1 gallon still after reading the 1 gallon guide.


Part 6 - Column and Drip Arm

This video covers soldering the copper column to the cap plate and skirt and assembling the drip arm.



Part 7 - Cleaning

This video covers cleaning and polishing.

Note, the final product created by following the steps above is NOT a finished, functional still. To make the still functional, a 1/2" copper discharge tube (provided by the buyer) would need to be soldered into the 1/2" 45 degree coupling at the bottom of the drip arm, which would run to a collection vessel for distilled product. Additionally, additional copper pipe or hosing needs to be permanently attached to the drip arm to make a functional condenser.

If the user chooses to use our parts kits to make a functional still, they do so at their own risk and agree to follow all applicable federal and state laws on the topic of distilling.

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