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August 15, 2022
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Midwestern IPA Recipe

Owner of Clawhammer Supply

Does the "Midwestern IPA" even exist? Well, if you ask the handful of commercial breweries in the middle of America who claim to brew the style, yes, it does. However, a Midwest IPA isn't listed in the BJCP or the Craft Brewers Association style guidelines. That being the case, we check out the commercial versions, read as much as we could find on this theoretical style, and hammered out a version of our own, with a few extra twists.

beer on a table

Our recipe is tailored to Clawhammer's 10.5 gallon kettle, powered by a 240v controller with a 5500w element. Here are the details.


7 lb. 12 oz. Golden Promise

1 lb. 12 0z. Crystal 10

1 lb. 12 oz. Vienna

1 lb. 11 oz. Munich


We mashed at 152 for 60 minutes.


After pulling the grains we boiled for 30 minutes with the following additions:


3 oz. Cascade at 30 minutes.

1 oz. Cascade  and 1 oz. Simcoe., at 5 minutes.

1 oz. Citra, 1 oz. Mosaic, and 1 oz. Simcoe at 0 minutes.


After chilling to pitching temp, we added WLP 060 (American Ale Yeast).

Enzymes, Etc.

We also added 0.5 oz. of Lafazym Thiol powderized thiol boosting enzymes.

We then fermented in a stainless steel keg for 4 days before adding 1 ml. of Azacca hop aroma oil.

Packaging and Serving

After fermentation was complete (1.5-2 weeks from start) we cold crashed and cold crashed, carbonated and canned.


Kyle Brown is the owner of Clawhammer Supply, a small scale distillation and brewing equipment company which he founded in 2009. His passion is teaching people about the many uses of distillation equipment as well as how to make beer at home. When he isn't brewing beer or writing about it, you can find him at his local gym or on the running trail.

  • Per a reply on a Youtube comment – it looks like 3.5oz simcoe and 1.5 oz citra in the dryhop

    Posted by Kanu on September 26, 2022
  • Could you give an idea about OG, FG and IBU? Just an idea… Thanks

    Posted by ZioBr1 on August 22, 2022
  • Hi I was just wandering how much Simcoe in the dry hop and if I do not have have Azacca hop aroma oil how much would azacca hop pellets should I use

    Posted by Ashley Collier on August 22, 2022
  • Please tell me SOMETHING ABOUT THE ibu, og AND fg…

    Posted by Br1 on August 22, 2022
  • What’s the sg and fg?

    Posted by Athi on August 16, 2022
  • How much Simcoe was added during the dry hop?

    Posted by Stephen on August 16, 2022

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