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March 31, 2013
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Distillation Equipment Guide

Owner of Clawhammer Supply
distillation equipment

We aspire to provide the highest quality copper distillers and pre-built stainless steel stills on the planet. We also work very hard to make sure they're compatible with a wide range of additional equipment and add-ons.

To that end, we've designed an entire suite of modular brewing and distillation equipment, all designed to compliment and work with one another. Below is an assembly guide for our stainless steel distillation equipment that shows how the parts and pieces work together and can be easily swapped to re-configure the entire system.

Basic Distillation Equipment (Level 1):

Here is a fermentation kit that includes everything necessary to conduct basic fermentation.

    Intermediate Distillation Equipment (Level 2):

    Expert Distillation Equipment (Level 3):

    For the advanced distiller we’d suggest picking up everything on the “intermediate” list above AND all of the items in this category.

    Clawhammer Supply is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Heating Sources

     Get either a gas or electric heating system.

    • Electric Heating Source (the preferred method if power is available)
    • Gas Heating Source (for when power is not available)
    • Wood Stoves 2.0  (guide to making ultra-efficient wood stoves)

    Additionally please read our complete legal summary for more information on the legalities of distillation.

    Kyle Brown is the owner of Clawhammer Supply, a small scale distillation and brewing equipment company which he founded in 2009. His passion is teaching people about the many uses of distillation equipment as well as how to make beer at home. When he isn't brewing beer or writing about it, you can find him at his local gym or on the running trail.

    • Do you still use the copper filling/scrubber in to the column of a stainless steel still

      Posted by DEBRA JOHNSON on June 17, 2016
    • I was wondering if I was going to get an answer from the first question I asked on May 30 which was how big of a hot plate and how many watts wood I need for a 5 gallon copper still pot


      Posted by KEith cUrry on June 26, 2015
    • I have a five gallon copper still. Where can I get a hot plate and how many watts would I need?

      Posted by KEith on May 30, 2015
    • how big of a still would i need for 5 gallon mash recipes….thanks in advance

      Posted by adam on March 31, 2015
    • @ ERIC
      you can find the controllers at

      Posted by MASHMAKER on July 16, 2014
    • Excuse me,… I’d like buy the temperature controller box that was shared on your site last year. Can you tell me how to find it sir.


      Posted by Eric Taylor on July 16, 2014
    • great site , i have been making schnapps for years
      but nice to see a site where you can learn something new
      thanx so much

      Posted by hedge on March 25, 2014
    • takeme to next level.great,I learn are lot from you guys how to make moonshine thanks. ET.

      Posted by Eddie on March 08, 2014
    • i’ve been distillen a wile i keep seeing stuf that says u get 2 gal shine from 10 gal. of (wash mash) is there a rule and no one talkes proof

      Posted by joe on November 23, 2013
    • I have a 5 gallon stainless steel still. I have never used it but am getting ready. I have a friend with an apple press and he is going to make cider. I want to take the left over pressings and make apple moonshine but am not sure how to make the mash. should I use the pressing left overs or just the cider itself and what would the proportions be for a 5 gallon still ie sugar, water yeast? thanks for any help you can give. your site is AWESOME

      Posted by pete on August 26, 2013
    • I would like to buy a therometer for my three qallon pot still.Do you have a catlog I can look at?

      Posted by Bob Fredrickson on July 31, 2013
    • You all inspire me!

      Posted by Hoss Lors on April 17, 2013
    • under the intermediate distillation equipment u have a 15 gal boil pot recommended for preparing mash for a 10 gal run, but only 6.5 gal carboys… do u split the mash up into two carboys of 5-6 gal each or is there equipment better suited for 10-11 gals of mash?

      Posted by anon on March 18, 2013
    • from the “honeyshine” recipe u have on ur site, i assumed that u needed only a single glass carboy to ferment the mash. the beginners kit above says it contains a plastic primary fermentation vessel AND a glass carboy for secondary fermentation… is it necessary to have both? or do u just use the plastic jug for aerating the mash?

      Posted by Anon on March 18, 2013

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