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February 9, 2016

How to Clean Copper Packing Material

Clean and Dry Column Packing Material

If you have not read “Increase Final Proof by Packing Still Column,” we recommend giving that a read.

Packing a column with copper packing is an easy and cost-effective way to increase the final proof of "moonshine". This not only increases the proof of the final product but also removes sulfur compounds from the distillate. It is very important to use copper packing on stainless steel distillers because stainless steel does not naturally remove sulfur compounds from the distillate. For best results, we recommend using copper packing on both copper and stainless steel stills.

When using Clawhammer Supply distillation equipment, the copper packing material will fit perfectly inside the column. The copper packing material is simply pushed into the column and held in place by friction. Using copper packing ensures that the entire run comes into contact with copper, creating a better final product. It is important to use pure copper packing material. Do not use copper-coated material, make sure it is pure copper.

To keep a still in top running condition, it is important to remove, clean, and dry the copper packing material from the column after each run; otherwise, it will build up undesirables that will carry over into the final product. It is also impossible to clean the column when it is full of dirty packing material. Cleaning the copper packing material is just as important as cleaning the still, and it is not possible to thoroughly clean the packing material without first removing it from the column. 

Removing the copper packing material from a Clawhammer Supply still is simple: Tap the column onto something soft, and the material will easily slide out. Don’t tap the column directly on a hard surface; it could damage the column. Gently tap the column on an old towel (or something similar) and remove each piece of packing material. Once all of it has been removed, toss the packing into a bowl filled with PBW. Leave the packing to soak for anywhere between an hour and twenty-four hours. Remove the packing and rinse it off extremely well with clean water; after rinsing, leave it out to air-dry. Store the cleaned copper packing material until the next run, and keep reusing it until it completely falls apart. 

To purchase copper packing click the picture below.

Distillation Packing Material

  • This looks great I want one so I can carry on my poppa J recipe

    Posted by Tony Williams on February 23, 2016

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