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August 8, 2017

Brewing Beer: Blackberry Porter Homebrew

It's summer right now and berries are ripe for the picking in our neck of the woods. We took a trip out to a friends farm and nabbed several gallons of blackberries for our latest creation, a robust blackberry porter.

To be honest, this is purely experimental. We found a porter recipe online that looked good to us and brewed it with the intention of adding blackberries. We have no idea how this one is going to turn out so what we'll do is ferment the batch of porter in a large carboy then split it into two 2.5 gallon fermenters and add blackberries to one of them during secondary.

We filmed the entire process, which is below. Further down are full recipe details.


Beginning water volume: 7.74 gallons. We didn't adjust chemistry.


  • Pale Malt
  • Maris Otter
  • Crystal 60
  • Crystal 120
  • Chocolate Malt
  • Carafa II
  • Melanoiden Malt


We mashed at 152F and opted to skip the recommended 168F mash out due to time constraints. Gravity targets are in benchmark section below.

The Boil

  • Columbus hops at the boil (60 minutes)
  • Whirlfloc at 15 minutes,
  • and Willamette at 15 minutes as well.


We added an English Ale yeast (White Labs WLP002) and fermented in the high 60's during primary. We'll do a secondary and add the blackberries as well.


  • Pre-boil gravity 1.054
  • Post boil volume 6.04 gallons
  • Post-boil gravity 1.063
  • Final volume (after fermentation) 5.50 gallons

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