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Making Beer, Distilling, and More

How to Make Bourbon with Silent Brigade Distillery

November 1, 2016
We are so excited to share our most recent chat with you. This time, we got to talk with John Brown of Silent Brigade Distillery, a relative newcomer to the distilling game. However, they've already got people talking about their Bourbon, distilled in a hand built, copper pot still. How to Make Bourbon Step by... Read more

How to Make Rum - with Stillwagon Distillery

September 8, 2016
Making Rum: An Interview with Rick Stillwagon We recently had a chance to talk with Rick Stillwagon, owner of Stillwagon Distilleries in Charleston, Oregon. Rick is a scientist-turned-distiller, who came to love the craft of making spirits through, of all things, his love of  Koi. Rick is a student of aquaculture and loves Koi fish. He... Read more

Making Rye Whiskey - With Iowa Legendary Rye

July 6, 2016
An Interview with Iowa Legendary Rye: We recently chatted with Lisa Chase, co-owner of Iowa Legendary Rye, a mom-and-pop micro-distillery based in Carroll, Iowa. During Prohibition, Carroll County was home to serious bootleggers: Stubbornly self-reliant Midwestern folks who valued quality and their independence, and who’d be damned if anyone was going to take that away... Read more

Distilling With Local Ingredients

April 4, 2016
An Interview with The Seattle Distilling Company Not long ago, we got a chance to sit down with Tami Brockway Joyce, one of the co-owners of Seattle Distilling, a family-run craft distiller in Vashon, WA, a small island not far from Seattle. Seattle Distilling focuses almost exclusively on small-batch liquors made with carefully selected local... Read more

Secrets of Moonshining - With Short Mountain Distillery

May 31, 2014
We were recently given the opportunity to interview the good folks at Short Mountain Distillery, in Woodbury, TN. Short Mountain's authentic Tennessee moonshine is a product of the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Billy Kaufman; technical contributions from their master distiller, Josh Smotherman; and a combined 100 years of knowledge and experience from local legends,... Read more