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Assembling Brewing And Distillation Equipment

Here are all of the videos you'll need to assemble or build your gear. This includes our:

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Part 1 - Safety and Tools

This video covers safety and lists the tools you will need to build copper distillation equipment. The tools needed for building a 1 gallon, 5 gallon, or 10 gallon still are roughly the same.

Part 2 - Parts List

This video covers all of the parts included with a Clawhammer Supply Copper "Moonshine Still Kit".

Part 3 - Prepping the Parts

This video covers prepping the parts to the build the still.

Part 4 - Shaping the Boiler

This video covers bending tabs on the boiler, shaping it, and securing it with copper rivets.

Part 5 - Soldering the Boiler

This video covers soldering the boiler wall seam and soldering the bottom into the boiler.

Part 6 - Vapor Cone And Cap

This video covers soldering the vapor cone and attaching the vapor cone to the boiler. It also covers building the cap plate and cap skirt assembly for the column and condenser. Note, if you have a 1 gallon kit, the process will be slightly different. See this guide for a few additional steps: Come back to this page and continue with the videos to finish the 1 gallon still after reading the 1 gallon guide.

Part 7 - Collar, Column, & Condenser

This video covers installing the collar to the top of the vapor cone and soldering the entire column.

Complete Build of A Copper Moonshine Still

This video shows me building a 5 gallon copper distiller using a Clawhammer kit. Making the still took roughly 3 hours, but was condensed down to a bit less than 4 minutes for this time lapse video.

Making A 1 Gallon Copper Still

This video shows the build process for our 1 gallon copper moonshine still.

Building a Copper Proofing Parrot

This video shows the construction of a Clawhammer proofing parrot.

Assembling a Pre Built 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Distiller

Assembling pre-built distillation equipment is a breeze. Here is our 8 gallon stainless still being assembled.

Assembling the Stainless Steel Brew in a Bag (BIAB) homebrew system

This is a quick overview and assembly guide for Clawhammer's 10.5 gallon stainless steel beer brewing system.

Assembling Clawhammer's Electric Heating Element Kit for Distilling

This video covers assembly of Clawhammer's stainless steel heating element adapter kit for distillers and brewing systems.

Assembling Clawhammer's Heating Element Kit for Brewing

This video covers assembly of Clawhammer's stainless steel heating element adapter kit for distillers and brewing systems.

Using Clawhammer's Digital Controller for Brewing and Distilling Applications

This video covers the use of Clawhammer Supply's 120 volt, 15 amp controller box, which is used with our 1650 watt elements. See this link for the for a PDF of the manual:

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