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What is a Dephlegmator?

A dephlegmator is condenser that condenses some of the vapor going though the column- it does not condense everything which allows some of vapors to pass through without being condensed. The dephlegmator is placed between column and condenser to create active reflux.

When using a dephlegmator it is best practice to  monitor the cooling water temperature going into the dephlegmator.  Install either a ball valve or a needle valve to regulate the flow of cooling water going into the dephlegmator. The flow controls the amount of reflux the dephlegmator creates. Waste water from the main cooling condenser can be used as long as the flow of water going into the dephlegmator can be controlled.

The Kit Includes

  • 1.5" Dephlegmator. 10" in length
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp1.5"
  • Gasket

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