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Directing the final product out and away from a still is very important, especially when distilling flammable substances such as spirits or fuel alcohol. Not just any hose will do the job safely. We sourced and tested several types before landing on the product we're selling here. 

There are 3 reasons we sell this particular type of hose. 1- It's food grade, chemical resistant,  and won't break down in the presence of alcohol. 2- It's high-temp silicon and won't melt in the presence of high temperatures. 3- It's very thick walled hose and is resistant to kinks (which could potentially block the output of a still).


  • Food grade, chemical resistant.
  • High temp compatible.
  • Heavy duty.
  • 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD.


  • 6 feet of heavy duty hose.
  • Hose clamp.


To install the hose, slip over the barbed fitting at the end of our 8 gallon condenser output and secure with hose clamp (included).

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It shipped the same day I ordered it and was at my door 3 days later. The parts went together like a dream. Everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. The video instructions made this build very easy.

Jimmy F.
Lakeland, Florida