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December 17, 2015

How to Make Atomic Cherries

How to make atomic cherries.Atomic Cherries are some of the most fun party favors around. This particular recipe is great to bust out at parties because we use some apple spice to jazz it up a bit. It'll be a great ice-breaker for any gathering. Don't be shy with the proportions. We're just making a small batch here, but recommend making at least a quart or so for a decent sized party.

1. Start with raw cherries. The first step is to wash them and throw out any baddies. Set the washed keepers aside in a bowl.

Cherries in a bowl

2. Next remove the stems. Leaving the stems on might make the final product taste bitter, and that's not what we're going for here.

Remove the stems

3. After that take a knife and score the cherries so there is a slit that runs the entire circumference of the cherry. Don't cut it in half. Don't slice it or dice it. Just score it. 

Score the cherries.

4. After scoring, pack a jar full of the cherries. We're using a small jar here because this will be a gift for one of our friends (he's kind of a lightweight).

Pack the jar full of cherries

5. Finally, fill the bottle. We normally use high proof white whiskey (think ol' smokey moonshine), but this is our holiday edition so we're going to top the jar off with some apple pie moonshine, made with one of our kits. This will add some nice spice to the cherries. It also adds a great cherry flavor to the alcohol, which can also be drank.

Apple pie moonshine

6. The last step is to age the cherries for at least 24 hours, but they get better with age. We recommend making the batch and then putting it into the refrigerator for a week before eating.

Bonus Step: If you used just regular ol' high proof white whiskey to age the cherries you can add the alcohol to one of our white oak aging barrels after all of the cherries have been eating. Trust us, this produces an awesome and truly unique aged whiskey when it's finished.

  • I was wondering the same thing as Brandy. How long can they be stored without canning them first?

    Posted by Ellen on December 25, 2015
  • Would these keep for a year or would I have to “can” them in order for them to be good after that long. Thinking wedding favors

    Posted by Brandy on December 17, 2015

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