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June 27, 2022

Steam Distilling Essential Oils With 240 Volts

Steam distilling essential oils

Steam distilling essential oils at home is an easy, safe, & highly effective way to extract essential oil from your favorite plants. Essential oils are valued for their aromatherapy and medicinal purposes, however, buying essential oils from a retailer can be very expensive. That’s why we created our 120v Essential Oil Distiller Kit and our 240v Essential Oil Distiller Kit. Both systems can distill high-quality essential oils for a fraction of the regular retail price.

This article discusses the advantages of using our 240v Essential Oil Distiller Kit and offers some tips and tricks that are specific to the system. If you want to know how to distill essential oils, we suggest you read this article.

Check out the video below to watch the 240v Essential Oil Distiller in action.


Advantages of Steam Distilling With 240 Volts

There are many advantages to distilling essential oils with 240 volts of power as opposed to 120 volts such as

  • Faster heat-up times. With 240 volts, a boil can be started in around 15 minutes. Please note that this time will vary depending on your elevation.
  • Faster extraction times. A 15-30 minute run will capture as much as 95% of the essential oil in the plant material. However, a long run is still fine and will produce more hydrosol faster than our 120-volt system

Faster heat-up times and faster extraction times mean you can do many runs in one day. This is important during Lavender harvest season since time is of the essence!

Disadvantages of Steam Distilling with 240 Volts

There is only one disadvantage to steam distilling with 240 volts. You will need access to a 240-volt outlet, otherwise known as a dryer outlet. Therefore, if you have a dryer, you already have one of these. These can also be installed by an electrician if needed

Tips & Tricks

  • Fill your boiler with more water. Since our 240 volt system produces much more steam, it’s important to fill the boiler with more water in order to keep the element submerged. Never turn the heating element on when it is not submerged.
  • Turn down the power on your controller if you notice steam escaping from your condenser. You do not want steam escaping from the condenser, only essential oil & hydrosol. Steam is a sign that the condenser is too hot and therefore the temperature needs to be reduced

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