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Irish Red Ale Served on a Beer Engine | Homebrew Recipe

March 19, 2021
In the craft beer world, it seems like beers keep getting more hoppy with IPAs still having the spotlight among most consumers. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes its nice to make a throwback beer, and by throwback we mean the old world, when beer was poured from casks using beer engines. With St.... Read more

Split Batch Smash Ale - White Labs Collaboration

February 26, 2021
If you’re a homebrewer, then you’ve definitely heard of White Labs, a premium liquid yeast company that’s been around since 1995. If you watch our videos or read these articles, you may notice how often we use their yeast, almost for every beer. When they reached out and asked to do a collaboration beer project... Read more

Tripel IPA Homebrew Recipe

February 12, 2021
Looking for a big, boozy beer? You've come to the right place. The Tripel IPA is one of the highest gravity beers we've ever made with a ton of hops. The best part is you can't even taste the booze! Kyle and Ross put their skills to the test against Martin Keen, professional brewer and creator... Read more

Belgian IPA Homebrew Recipe

January 18, 2021
This Belgian Style IPA recipe is the second recipe our friends Luis & Sarah have made for us, make sure to check out their first recipe if you haven’t! A Belgian Style IPA is a unique kind of beer that combines the funkiness of a Belgian beer with the crispness of an IPA. If you’re... Read more

English Bitter Homebrew Recipe

December 31, 2020
An English Bitter, otherwise known as an Ordinary Bitter, is a historic, flavorful, and sessionable beer style that’s unfortunately not too popular in the modern craft beer world. Here at Clawhammer, we love bitters and it’s always a treat when we find one at a local spot that’s poured using a beer engine from a... Read more

Home Brewing a Toasted Marshmallow Milk Stout Recipe

December 17, 2020
It's the perfect time of year for brewing a sweet and chocolatey nitro "milk stout." What time of year is that, you may ask? It's NOW! Anyway, this recipe is like hot cocoa... but beer. Or smores... but BEER. In all seriousness, this turned out to be a deliciously creamy stout with subtle hints of... Read more

Russian Imperial Stout

December 7, 2020
Cold weather and good news is the perfect reason to brew a big Russian Imperial Stout. Our friend Ross, who brewed this beer with us, just got a promotion and now brews beer at New Belgium! To celebrate, we’re naming this beer Old Rossputin as an homage to one of our favorite beers, Old Rasputin... Read more

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Stout

November 20, 2020
We love coffee and we love stout, so it only made sense to combine them both in this delicious and creamy nitro infused beer. Other than the fire we built to keep ourselves warm while brewing, the brew day was pretty typical as far as stout home brewing goes. Anyway, let's just get into the... Read more

Pumpkinception - Pumpkin Within A Pumpkin Within A Pumpkin Beer

October 29, 2020
If something is worth doing, it's worth doing all the way. And that's exactly what we've done with this pumpkin beer. It was made with real pumpkins, then served through a tap attached to a pumpkin. We paired the beer with bread made from the spent grains used to brew the beer and soup made... Read more

Session NEIPA - Homebrew Recipe

October 23, 2020
This Session NEIPA recipe was submitted by our fans Luis & Sarah, who live in New York City and also have a YouTube channel of their own. Session beers are perfect for day drinking and hot summer nights because they’re so light and crushable. New England IPAs are known for being juicy and tropical with... Read more