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Making Beer, Distilling, and More

How to make a Snakebite: Cider and Beer

October 16, 2020
What is a Snakebite Drink? A snakebite is some combination of cider and stout or lager (or any other type of beer for that matter) layered in the same glass. If done properly, the cider and beer do not mix and remain separated in the same glass.   Full Video Recipe   Why Does A... Read more

Carrot and Beet Beer: Healthy Alcohol?

September 24, 2020
    Thanks to our fans on Instagram, we have another outstanding recipe to share with you all. Vegetable beers are not all too common and finding one even at your local bottle shop may be difficult. When we were sorting through all of our recipe submissions, this one that used carrots and beets really... Read more

Three Eyed Ale Homebrew Recipe

September 8, 2020
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is a staple when it comes to IPAs. Thanks to another one of our fans on Instagram, you can now brew a version of this classic IPA at home. Follow along with this recipe and our full brew day video to make a rock-solid IPA that’s tailored for a Clawhammer brewing... Read more

Kona Big Wave Clone - Blonde Ale Homebrew Recipe

July 1, 2020
We were feeling lazy and didn't want to come up with a recipe on our own, so we asked the Clawhammer Instagram audience to do the work for us and that's exactly what they did. We ended up receiving this sweet Kona Brewing Big Wave Blonde Ale clone recipe and it's delicious! Work smarter, folks,... Read more

Amarillo Pale Ale Homebrew Beer Recipe

June 19, 2020
A pale ale is a perfect beer style to enjoy as the summer months are approaching. Here in Asheville, North Carolina, we’ve been enjoying steadily rising temperatures that have made us all want to drink something a bit more light and citrusy, so we brewed an Amarillo Pale Ale. This homebrew recipe will make a... Read more

All Together IPA Homebrew Recipe

June 3, 2020
Due to the recent pandemic, many of us have been stuck at home. A fortunate few have still been able to work, but many in the hospitality industry, whose income relies on social gatherings, have not been so fortunate. To support hospitality professionals, we’re taking part in a worldwide beer collaboration called All Together, maybe... Read more

120v Electric Brewing Light Lager Experiment

June 1, 2020
This recipe is an adapted version of a 2017 National Homebrew Competition gold medal light lager called Phil’s Lager. We’ve adapted this award-winning recipe and we’re making it in order to prove that the 120 Volt Brewing System we sell can make light beer with zero DMS off-flavors. DMS is an off-flavor that tastes like... Read more

Farmhouse Ale From Harvested Yeast

May 27, 2020
Harvesting and washing yeast is one of the best ways to save money while homebrewing. By doing this you can avoid buying yeast before every brew day, you can reuse wild or special strains of yeast, and you can share yeast with friends! In this case, we wanted to reuse wild yeast that came from a log. If... Read more

Belgian Tripel - Homebrew Recipe

May 26, 2020
The Belgian Tripel is just one of the many famous beer styles that Belgians have created during their historic relationship with alcoholic beverages. This recipe has its roots in old-world traditions where Trappist monks would fund their monasteries through the non-profit production of beer. Today in the new world, many of us beer lovers have... Read more

Nelson Sauvin Kveik IPA - 3 Day IPA Part 2

May 21, 2020
Brewing 3 beers in 3 days was thought to be impossible until we discovered Voss Kveik yeast from Omega Yeast. This is a special yeast from Norway that ferments extremely fast at high temperatures without leaving behind unwanted off-flavors. We made this “3 Day IPA” recipe because we ran out of beer at the office and... Read more