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Making Beer, Distilling, and More

Strawberry Moonshine Recipe

June 17, 2014
How to Make Strawberry Moonshine Making fruit brandy is a great way to get started in the world of home distilling. It's a big step up from sugar shine and making it isn't quite as complicated as crafting an all grain batch using malted barley, etc. We've had great success making various types of fruit based... Read more

How To Make Flour Paste For Distilling

June 9, 2014
How Copper Stills Were Sealed Once assembled, Clawhammer copper stills will actually be comprised of 2 pieces: the boiler assembly and the column assembly (see the picture below). These two parts are NOT permanently attached. This allows the still to be taken apart to allow for filling, cleaning, and easy storage. However, the upper and... Read more

Secrets of Moonshining - With Short Mountain Distillery

May 31, 2014
We were recently given the opportunity to interview the good folks at Short Mountain Distillery, in Woodbury, TN. Short Mountain's authentic Tennessee moonshine is a product of the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Billy Kaufman; technical contributions from their master distiller, Josh Smotherman; and a combined 100 years of knowledge and experience from local legends,... Read more

How to Clean Brewing and Distilling Equipment

May 13, 2014
Clean Equipment After Assembly Before using our brewing and distilling equipment for the first time, it will need to be thoroughly cleaned. After assembly, the equipment is going to have a lot of flux and bits of solder that need to be removed.  To clean the inside of a still, fill the boiler with a gallon of white... Read more

Casting Call for New TV Show on Hobby Distilling

May 1, 2014
Calling All Hobby Distillers In addition to the interesting customer emails we receive here at Clawhammer Supply, we get all kinds of crazy media inquiries. If you recall, we were recently featured in Popular Mechanics magazine. How about that, a small distillation equipment company being featured in one of the oldest and most popular magazines... Read more

Distillery Equipment Guide

April 11, 2014
Clawhammer Supply started selling copper copper distillers in 2009. Since then we've become one of the most visited sites on the web on the topics of distillation equipment, fuel alcohol, and more. We know you work hard for your money (we work hard too). That's why we engineered our still lineup to be as high... Read more

Distillery Equipment Overview

April 6, 2014
This article provides an overview of various types of distillers, including copper stills, stainless steel distillers, pot still, column stills, reflux stills, and more. Before we get started, a reminder: distilling alcohol is illegal without a federal fuel alcohol or distilled spirit plant permit as well as relevant state permits. Our distillation equipment is designed... Read more

Distillation Temperature

March 26, 2014
We recommend reading "How are Commercial Spirits Made?" prior to reading this article, as it provides a good overview of the topic of distillation. For those already familiar with the basics, read on! Before we get started, a reminder: Distilling alcohol is illegal without a federal fuel alcohol or distilled spirit plant permit as well as... Read more

Clawhammer Supply - As Seen In Popular Mechanics

March 18, 2014
Moonshine News Clawhammer Supply has officially made it to the big time. We're featured in the April, 2014 issue of Popular Mechanics. Fittingly, we made it into the "bikes and beer" section. We love both bikes and beer and we're proud to help them take that little section to the next level by featuring some... Read more

Whiskey Recipes - Grains, Proof, and Aging

February 27, 2014
Whiskey Recipe Basics Whiskey is made from a variety of different grains including barley, rye, wheat and corn. Different types of whiskies use different types of grains. For example, Bourbon must contain at least 51% corn. Single grain scotch is made with 100% malted barley. Read on for more information on whiskey styles and recipes.... Read more