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Make Your Own Peach Pie "Moonshine"

  1. Separate peaches from rest of ingredients, dice them, and add to a quart sized mason jar.
  2. Put all other ingredients in the muslin (cloth) bag included with the kit. Tie shut and add to the mason jar.
  3. Fill the mason jar with your favorite grain alcohol (moonshine, vodka, etc.).
  4. Wait 24 hours and remove muslin bag.
  5. Leave cut peaches soak for a week (for best results)!
  6. Separate alcohol into 2 mason jars using funnel and filter.
  7. Don’t discard the peaches, split them among the 2 jars.
  8. Top jars off with “white grape peach” juice. This stuff can be found at Walmart, etc.
  9. Take a moment to marvel at your creation
  10. DRINK UP!

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It shipped the same day I ordered it and was at my door 3 days later. The parts went together like a dream. Everything fit exactly as it was supposed to. The video instructions made this build very easy.

Jimmy F.
Lakeland, Florida