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1 Gallon Assembly Guide

1 Gallon Moonshine Still: Cap Plate Modification

Once you get around to assembling the cap plate, you will need to follow one additional step.   First bend the tabs on the edge of the cap plate perpendicular to the piece so they make a 90 degree angle.  Bend the four prongs sticking into the center of the doughnut perpendicular to the piece, in the same direction as the tabs on the edge.  In other words, using a pair of pliers, make the piece look like this!

Column Assembly Modification:

Next, insert the column and solder into place.  The 1 gallon column will go together basically the same as it does on the 5 gallon.  However, the prongs on the sides of the cap plate column opening can be used to secure the column.  It should look like this when finished (note that the teeth are a bit smaller in this pic - its an earlier design):

Cap Skirt Assembly:

Finally, insert the column / cap plate down into the larger end of the cap skirt, teeth facing down.  Follow the same soldering process used in the videos.  It should look like this when soldered from the inside (again, the teeth are smaller on this cap plate because it's an earlier design):

Please click the following link to proceed to the main video page for instruction on how to finish your still: How Make Moonshine Still