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Clawhammer Brewing Information

BIAB Brewing Information

CHS BeerSmith Equipment Profiles

BeerSmith Import Directions:

  • Download the desired BeerSmith equipment file to your desktop:  
  • In Beersmith, select 'File' then 'Open File' and select the profile you downloaded to your desktop
  • A new screen will open showing the profiles
  • Select the Clawhammer Equipment Profile and copy it
  • Select the Profiles section (often found in the menu column on the left side of the screen). Select Equipment Profile folder and the available profiles will be listed.
  • Paste the downloaded/copied file into the correct profile list.

Adjust Grain Absorption Rate

After the equipment profile is imported into BeerSmith update the grain absorption rate. 
Update the BIAB Grain Absorb to 0.7600


If you have one of our Clawhammer Supply digital controllers we highly recommend running the temperature offset before your first brew day. You can find the controller directions in PDF format here.

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